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Ann:  When a student who is at least two years below grade level is included in a regular education classroom and his/her IEP has accommodations listed that are open to interpretation-such as extra credit or cues- is the special education inclusion/ case manager supposed to make the accommodation?

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03/27/2016 4:00 am

The General Education teacher and the Special Education teacher/caseload manager should be collaborating with each other in regards to the implementation and interpretation of the accommodations on a consistent basis. As a Special Education teacher, I would meet with the teachers of records to follow-up on a consistent basis. I saw that it made a marked improvement in students showing growth in their academics and behavior and that the teachers are less stressed. If the General Education teacher is new to the field/grade level/subject and/or this is the first year in where they would have Inclusion/Special Education teacher, I would provide more support as opposed to someone who have experience/history with our students. Hope this helps.

Jill G
03/24/2016 9:35 pm

Ann –

Generally it would be the job of the general education teacher of that particular class to provide accommodations to the student. It is, after all, that teacher who knows his/her class and curriculum the best.

The general education teacher may receive support from a special education teacher or a similar position, as this is the individual who is the presumed expert in serving students with disabilities.