When Schools Punish Sick Children Who Miss School: A Game Plan

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My child has an IEP. She has chronic health problems documented by three medical specialists and she has a Health Plan. Chronic health problems and medical appointments forced her to miss many school days this year. She made up all her work and has no incomplete assignments. Her grades are A’s and B’s.

The school told her that if she doesn’t make up the time she missed, she will not get credit for these classes. Can they do that? She would gladly give up her sick days for school days.

The purpose of laws that require children to attend a certain number of school days is to deter truancy.

A law that is intended to deter truancy must include exemptions for children who have chronic illnesses or who are injured, not truant. Your child passed her classes with flying colors but the school is threatening to withhold credit for these classes because she was ill and unable to attend school.

Public schools are required by law to accommodate the health needs of students. The plan to accommodate health needs may be called a health plan or a 504 plan. Your child has a health plan but the school is not following it.

Call your State Department of Education. (You will find contact information for your state in the Directory of State Education Departments) Ask about your state’s attendance requirements and exemptions for children who have documented illnesses and health plans. Please let us know what you learn.

I spoke with the state department of education about the school’s punishment of my child for truancy when she has a chronic illness. Because the chronic health issues are noted in her IEP, and because her IEP states she will need special accommodations, her absences are excused. The representative thought our district is just not familiar with the laws that protect students with chronic illnesses.

Thanks for letting us know that you were able to resolve this problem. In our opinion, the school should give your daughter an award for courage and perseverance, despite the obstacles she faced.

For readers who have sick children, the American Diabetes Association has prepared excellent model 504 plans and health plans. These model plans can be modified to cover other health or medical problems that affect a child’s school performance. Download the model plan and revise it so it describes your child’s medical condition and needs related to that condition. Consult with your child’s doctor to make sure the plan is complete and covers all your child’s health needs.

To learn more about helping children with chronic illnesses, read My Child Has Health Problems, the School Reports Him Truant by Suzanne Whitney. Sue writes about creative advocacy strategies in Doing Your Homework. Review the legal and advocacy information and resources from the American Diabetes Society. This information is useful in advocating for children with other health problems.

  1. I’m 16 and I’ve been an A honor roll student my whole life until this year. I’m a junior in high school and I’ve suffered migraines for years that the school had not worked with until this year when I got a 504, but it was still very hard to get the teachers and school to comply with my issues. However this year I learned they aren’t migraines, I instead need brain surgery. The school and my teachers have said this is my “tough luck” and they are refusing to give me extra help and time which is causing me to struggle more since finals are coming up in a few weeks. I dont know what to due surely the school is not allowed to say that. Brian surgery is pretty serious. Can the school really treat me this way? I’m having to drop out of school now because it has become too overwhelming.

    • My daughter has chronic migraines, and we’ve had to fight for a 504 plan, and had to threaten to get an attorney because of the harassment of the attendance clerk. Don’t give in and drop out, that’s the easy way out for the school. They are required to provide equal opportunity for all students under the 504 plan. Go straight to the top and demand a 504 plan. Get as much documentation from your physician as possible, and you and your parents should go to whoever is the liaison for attendance for your district and demand that they work with you. Hang in there, don’t give in and get well soon.

    • Megan don’t drop out, do home school. All you have to do is order your books on line, we use ABEKA books, a christian company and we pay $70 to be under a Christian school. they keep all of our records and grades we send into them. After completing the 12 grade we pay $35 and get the diploma from them. It is less stress and you don’t have to put up with the harassment of the public school system. You can also work at your own pace. I know how frustrating it is to have to deal with the public school system. I have 7 children 4 with disabilities and the ones with disabilities are the ones the school gave us the hardest time with. So we found a way to help our children learn and learn at their own pace and still get a diploma.

  2. I’m 17 years old in my senior year of high school and I came down with CMV Mono. I have to be taken out of school for 2-6 weeks because of it and the school is telling me that I can’t graduate this year. Would something like this work for me? I don’t know who to turn to I’m so stressed out. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

  3. My son was marked as absent for quite a few days and he was receiving ST and OT services from Heartspring because the school refused to give him these services. They sent me a warning about how he had missed too many days. If he was gone an hour early or came in an hour and a half late these were counted as an entire absence. Is there something that could have taken place to protect him from having a truancy issue?? It just didn’t seem right to me…

  4. I’m 16 years old. I have a number of medical issues including a heart condition. My Doctor thinks I have Marfan Syndrome. I have to go see a genetic Doctor at Riley Childrens Hospital. I have missed 16 days of school because I’m always sick. My joints always hurt. And I have severe scoliosis. I’m in high school and am having issues with my Physical ED teacher. I have a 504 plan due to my health issues in general. My absences don’t count against me because of my medical conditions. And my gym Teacher is saying he is going to kick me out of his class! My mom called the school and spoke with the assistant principle and they said he had the rights by law to kick me out of his class for being absent. Is this true considering its in my 504 plan it says all my absences are excused. Also have IEP

    • U should get tested for lyme disease and related co infections. These affect the heart, the joints and can cause hypertonia and spine problems.

  5. This is my senior year in HS and I am having a very hard time with my school. I tore my ACL and meniscus in football before school started this year and had to get surgery for it. I missed the first 3 or 4 weeks of school. They never sent me any work until week 3 and expected me to be able to do all of it. My work load is huge now and I dont know how to do any of it. I tried to get them to excuse some of the work but it never happened. I have been given every thing i missed and a lot of my classes dont use books its all discussion. I am afraid I will not be able to pass this quarter and i may not be able to graduate because of it. Can the school just not excuse my work like that? what should I do? I am very over whelmed and have been left to do it all on my own.

  6. My granddaughter has EDS and Dysautonomia and we live in Texas. Her school sites the 90% rule and even though she is passing her Honors/AP courses they failed her because she was out more than 10% of her days. She is in constant pain and spends weeks vomiting and dealing with dislocations of her joints. The school is also trying to kick her out of her Honors courses because she is absent so much. We have been trying to obtain information that we can use to force the school to allow her to stay in those Honors courses and amend the 90% rule. She is in Special Education for OHI on her Chronic Illness but they say the IEP team can not amend the district policy. Help!

    • Nancy: Look at the information and resources on the 2e page concerning students in accelerated/honors programs who have disabilities. You may find it applies to your granddaughter.


      OCR says that if schools “condition” participation in accelerated classes or programs for qualified students with disabilities by requiring these students to forfeit their necessary special education or related aids and services, it amounts to a denial of FAPE under Part B of the IDEA and Section 504.

      “The term related aids and services as used here is intended to include…program modifications…”

      Does the IEP include program modifications based on your granddaughters chronic illness?

      As the original blog post advised, have you called your State Department of Education to see if the prohibition against disability-based discrimination applies to your granddaughter’s situation. The school may be unaware of responsibilities they may have (in spite of the “district policy”.)

      Find your State DOE Contact: http://www.yellowpagesforkids.com/help/seas.htm
      Find your Parent Training and Information Center Contact: http://www.yellowpagesforkids.com/help/ptis.htm

      • the 90% rule is actually a state mandate. However, there is a provision in the law that allows an attendance committee of the school to look at each student individually to see if they are academically ready for the next grade and to basically “override” the provision. I would contact the school and ask for an attendance committee hearing. i would be ready with scores etc that show she is ready for the next grade level. Unless, they can provide something to counteract the grades, I would require them to let her pass – with an attorney if need be…..just my thoughts….

        • I suggest the same on the 90 Percent rule, although I would not follow the last portion of advice “”require them to let her pass”.

  7. My son lost oxygen to the brain and had to learn every thing over again. he was tested by psychologist and needed small classes w students. never got that. it was hard for him. never received Physical Education. since 4 grade self learner and wanted to be in reg class. he tried and fought alot of acusement. now he wants to finish school, but not allowed. please help me. he needs his education, guide me please.

  8. My son has a 504 plan. During his 10th grade year he missed a great deal of school due to illnesses, which caused him to fail 2 classes. He has always maintained good grades and had a 3.5 gpa end of 9th grade, before that, he maintained a4.0 gpa K-8. He is in 11th grade and has gotten his health under control somewhat; his grades are back to normal. In Georgia, is there a way to have those 2 grades expunged? He has retaken both classes and passed, but those F’s have hurt his GPA. The school was a nightmare to deal with at the time; he transferred to a different school. He is going to college, but this will hurt his chances of scholarships…all because he was sick. During his illness, I didn’t think there was anything to be done.

  9. Hello, I have Celiac disease and i am getting used to the gluten free diet… My school has a policy that states if a student misses 10+ days they must obtain a C+ or better on all exams to receive credit for that semester. Does anyone think a 504 plan could cover this?
    Thank You

  10. My DAGHTER is 17 & has always been an honor student , this year she’s been out due to a car accident,and a sports injury,and she also has to see a doctor once a month,forA.D.D.MEDS SO DUE TO MEDS FOR A.D.D. It’s hard for her to make the regular school day now they are making her stay 4- hrs extra to make up for DR’s excused absences,their telling us that DR’s excused notes don’t matter,so why do we spend our money to take them to get the notes,IF IT DOESENT MATTER ANYWAY….IF ANYONE HAS ANY HELP TO GUIDE US PLEASE LET ME NO,ALSO HOW DO YOU GET A 504 plan,thanks

    • Greetings Ronnie,
      You can request a Chronic Illness document to be signed by your attending physicians to cover absences. A child who is undergoing medical interventions should not be required to “make up” hours or work that has been interrupted by medical needs. The 504 falls under the disabilities act. If your child is being penalized for her medical disability (even if the disability is chronic or temporal) then it is a violation of her civil rights. You will need a Medical Certification signed by your physicians and her medically related absences should be deemed as exemptions. It is the school’s legal responsibility to accommodate her medical disabilities. I hope this helps.

  11. Hi! My 16 yr old daughter suffers from IBS and has missed a great deal of school. The School administration has been heartless and teachers demand she finish all missed work by the next day which as overwhelmed her and worsened her condition. Further they called us into their office the day before prom and told my daughter she was not allowed to attended the prom due to her poor academic standing. I signed her out because I was so angry and they still refused to allow her to go with her date who was also a student in the school. This is unacceptable and I am furious with the school for their contributing to making my daughters condition worse! Is there anything I can do?

    • So sorry to hear about this Vicki, if you daughter has diagnosis of IBS, then the school should have drafted a 504 to accommodate her medical needs. Accommodations should be within reason of the student’s condition and suitable for success. You can request a 504 hearing if you do not already have one. In the 504 you need to request a more reasonable amount of make up time for assignments and days and missed instruction. Please see my comments on Ronnie’s post as it is applicable to you.

      As you know IBS can be triggered by stress and any school receiving any Federal Funding are obligated under FAPE is an educational right of children with disabilities in the United States that is guaranteed by the Rehabilitation Act of 1973[1] and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). WIth a 504 plan, FAPE is identified as the process of “the provision of regular or special education and related aids and services that are designed to meet individual needs of handicapped persons as well as the needs of non-handicapped persons are met and based on adherence to procedural safeguards outlined in the law.” So your medical needs stipulates the school’s response (not the other way around).

      So additional time for make up work is a Appropriation that is proportional to your daughter obtaining her education. Restricting a student from a school function that is not GPA governed (such as sports, or STUGO) could be considered discriminatory. You should take your case to the OCR (office for civil rights) in your city and see if there are grounds for legal action. Unfortunately you may have to play hard ball on these matters. But before you turn legal ask the school to give you their official responses in writing. Such as the policy on why she was refused access to the dance. Then you will have legal documentation of any misappropriations or discrimination.

  12. I am 16 and I used to attend normal HS but about 2 years ago I got an illness called endometriosis and it affects my attendance because not only does it cause me to have horrible cramps to the point I can’t move or walk but it also doesn’t just hurt when I’m on my period. The pains can come at all times randomly. This second year was the worst year of the illness every month I would miss about 3 days or 4 because I couldn’t deal with the pain, I have always been an honors student and have always been in advanced classes but now with this illness my grades where going down super fast and I couldn’t control it. My teachers where becoming very mean and pushy and even though I had an excused note from the doctor and another one informing I was ill, they are still sending me to court.

    • Greetings Diana,
      So sorry to hear about your endometriosis, but please see my previous posts on situations similar to your. You need a Medical Certification or a Chronic Illness document from your doctors stating the tenets of your conditions and your needs for absences. A certified medical condition will make you exempt from any absences related to your chronic illness. Truancy court will not be applicable to you as your absences are related to your conditions. I pray for your healing and hope this helps.

  13. I am a 15 year old in high school. I’m currently sick with just general symptoms, fatigue, headaches, coughing, stuffiness, and head pressure. But because I have truancy issues due to a mess of things involving mental health issues and trouble waking up that I’m working to fix, I can’t stay home sick from school without a doctor’s note. So even if I were to throw up, my parents would have to bring me to a doctor, have them sign a note, and then give it to the school for me to stay home. So that’s why I was at school today and yesterday, pale enough that friends noticed (and I normally have paler white skin so that’s saying something), coughing up mucus into Kleenexes and hoping that I don’t get any of my friends sick because they have an AP test this Friday.

  14. I have 4 kids. The school year is over on 4 weeks. My kids have been sick a lot this year, stomach flu, my kindergartener had mono, my 11 year old has missed the past month due to a yet to be diagnosed digestive issue. I have brought in 3 Dr notes alone in the past month for him. He had to see a specialist in Omaha and we live in western SD. My oldest daughter has anxiety and goes to counseling. They have all had gastrointestinal illnesses this year and strep throat. A truant officer came to my home last week, very rude, no understanding, saying she is turning us over to the states attorney. Apparently Dr notes don’t do anything.

  15. During allergy season my son does not just get hay fever. He gets full blown allergy attacks that cause congestion, coughing, sneezing, itchy eyes, irritated throat, shortness of breath, and fatique. When the attacks are severe, and he misses schools, the school marks him truant. They say are no excuse to miss school.

  16. I’m 13, and I suffer from migraines. My main trigger for a migraine is anxiety, and/or stress. I have chronic anxiety, so that is just a perfect combination. *note extreme sarcasm* Even though I have a 504 plan, my school still isn’t helpful. I realize they have a quota to fill, but I need them to understand that I would much rather be at school then at home, suffering horrible pain, light sensitivity, and other symptoms. I hate how my classmates and teachers ask prying questions. We always give them doctors’ notes, and make sure they are well informed of what the next step is. I don’t know what we could be doing better! I love school, and always have, but now I’m starting to be turned off from it.

    • I’m also 13, and suffer for the same thing. I’ve missed about 20 days and have a court date coming up. I don’t know if that will be a good excuse to tell the judge and I don’t know if they’ll end the case there but hopefully everything goes well.

  17. I have a 13 year old who is a strep throat carrier, and the least little germ sends it into full blown strep. My son has doctors excuses for all the days he missed. For some reason the attendance clerk refused to accept a few of the excuses and my son was reported truant. Now, we have to go to court. I don’t understand why. The doctor even put on the notes to call if needed to verify.

  18. I’m 16. I just recently got over from having Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, so I don’t have an immune system yet so I have to do have breathing treatments. Well I just found out I have strep throat and got told I would be able to go to school which wasn’t the truth I tried to go to school and felt really light headed and throw up so the nurse took my temperature and it was 99.7 so she was going to send me home but the principle said I couldn’t go home because I missed to many days.
    I don’t know what to do because the school has all the records and doctors note yet they keep trying to punish me for being sick.

  19. Im 18. I am autistic (High end with an IEP) and suffer from chronic diarrhea. The meds I’m on only help if I’m on the highest dose allowed. The side effects compound with panic attacks- making it impossible to do work. Nothing registers.

    Ive missed a lot of school. This is my senior year. I failed one year and have caught up to my peers. The school wants to expel me. I need my dr. to sign paperwork that will let me stay eligible to graduate. He says its all in my head and won’t sign it.

    What do I do? I like school and I don’t want to fail or be forced to drop out.

  20. Sorry this will be not complete… limited characters which is fine…son was deaf for 2 yrs and daughter was sick for 2 yrs. Son had IEP, school said daughter didn’t need a 504. Ended up taking both out of school due to lack of help, wrong help…it could be a book…..today we home educate them both. Happy ending. Happy family.

  21. School insisted my child had adhd. by 1st grade i tried to tell them i didn’t think that was the problem. by 2nd grade vyanse was making her throat hurt and throw up so i refused to give it to her. then they threatened to fail her. i refused so i feel they just put her in the back of the class and did not even try to educate her. by 4th grade they put her in special ed and psychiatrist put her on amitriptyline. she was not eating lunch. by the end of 4th grade she had severe stomach aches. now in 5th grade she has had a burning stomach. i requested at iep she have a water bottle and snack and was told “no food or drinks allowed in class.” now GI doc says GERD. did qeeg which shows bipolar, ocd & adhd! she missed unexcused days which really were excused so i had to sign the paper, no more late’s or tardy’s.

  22. My son lost all credits for his classes last semester. He is being asked to do 65 hours of community services, all because of Texas compulsory attendance laws. He is in 504 for Migraines and misses a lot of school, is under neurologist’s care, and even has to get infusions at hospital often. This is discrimination — has this area of law gone anywhere since this article was written? I have calls into the area OCR and TEA but no one is calling me back. He is in all pre-AP and AP classes and has managed to keep all A’s because he works his butt off when he is healthy. And now this —– it is punitive! Are there any published opinions from hearings or court proceedings or maybe official letter opinions on the issue?

    • Debbie,
      I dealt with the Dallas OCR office for years. They will not act. Save your time. The same applies for TEA. TEA will ALWAYS defend school districts. Most school districts simply don’t care about the laws and/or they don’t know the laws. My advice: learn the laws and go to work on the school. You may need to hire an advocate.

  23. This is a great article and thread My heart goes out to you all. My son is on special ed due to cerebral palsy. And developmental delays. He stayed home for almost a year due to back pain which led to a need for surgery finally.He had a chair pulled away while attempting to sit down at an after school program. We kept informing the vice principal of his absences and why and provided MD documentation but we were referred to ACS. After their investigation the case was deemed unfounded but the whole process was very stressful. After we were followed by preventive services. Though we could have benefitted from other services no help was ever given. Only visits. Though I am disabled with several chronic pain illnesses I took care of my son. Home teaching was put in place for only two months total though once we knew about it and we were finally given an application it took forever. I live in NYC.
    I am glad to read about 504 and what our and others’ rights are.

  24. My grandson has missed school because he has chronic sinus infections even though he has already had sinus surgery. The school reports him truant. they want to expel him. We need help.

  25. my daughter who has perfect grades not one disciplinary issue her intire life suffers from type one diabetes was dragged in to a truant officers office and ask if she was sexualy abused on drugs and in a street gang because I my wife refused too sign a paper that said she would never be late or absent again she only missed 4 days in 6 months from sugar to high in the morning she couldn’t function correctly the school retaliated because I stood up to them with her 504 plan this is how schools roll

  26. My daughter 8yrs ago had a brain mass we had it removed successfully thank goodness but scince then she has been having chronic migraines and has been missing alot of school because of them and we have taken her to specialists and they verified that she does have them. This last year was the first time we had srs called on us for her missing school so we went to court and I guess won and thats when we first heard of a 504 plan which we stuck to and so did that school. Now shes in a different school same 504 plan but from what our daughter tells us there not following it and not believing her that she has headaches shes being forced to stay in school when she’s crying from pain as parents what our our options.At the end of my rope.

    • Going through similar with my son — see above. Try to resolve with your 504 coordinator by having a 504 meeting. Other than that — a complaint? I finally had good luck with them believing my son when I wrote a lengthy email to all the teachers in which I detailed my son’s medical history, told them these things are real, and told them an action plan for when he gets them. I also just yesterday heard that I can maybe add a “medical plan” to the 504. I am going to look into this — that might help with the believing part too!

  27. My son suffers from EDS Dyspraxia dyslexia anxiety. Due to this he has only 50 percent attendance for this term. e has attended many hospital and doctors appointment which the school knows about. they do nothing to help him they don’t want to understand his problems. we have had nothing but grief from them and now they are threatening us with board of governors

  28. My child was throwing up at school and was refused the right to call me. I had picked him up the day before because he was out of uniform when we arrived home he was sick so I did not take him back to school. The principal had told him to be back at school by a certain which of course did not happen. I called the school to tell them this. The principal told my son he had lost his trust. Also I was told that unless he had a dr excuse he would be expelled. I am not sure how to handle this situation but I am upset.

  29. i got my appendix taken out but it erupted while i was at the hospital after the surgery like a week later. i had to go back to the hospital so i missed a total of 3 weeks. will i get held back?

  30. My child, with IEP since preschool, missed 43 excused days in Kindergarten, above average in math/reading. 1st grade at another school where today I got the feeling of doom & gloom conversing w/ Principle & School nurse already saying they allow 7 missed days total…he has severe allergies & on antibiotics all Fall of 2014. Major inhaled allergens/chemical irritants-not good. Diagnosed sinus disease & prior schools were provided letters from doctor to keep him in at recess/outdoor time. Avoidance is the key especially with medicine allergies/intolerance. I asked allergist to write a letter stating his conditions cause him to be absent…ILState Board of Ed will be next.

    • Debbie your story works more closely with my daughters story. My daughter is 9 in 3rd grade functional skills class and she has so far 31 absences this school year so far. I can account for all of them but 10 excused days and 1 unexcused when I forgot to call her in because I was sick as well. We have been suffering from this terrible viral infection that has been going around in Indiana as well as sinus problems for both of us. My daughter has Williams syndrome, I am on the BoD for a foundation and I see this happen constantly. My school is now giving me fits about my daughter missing so many days even though I followed the rules they specifically set out stating to not send your child if they have a fever or any colored drainage/discharge from the nose. My child is 9, she is developmentally age 4 – it’s not like she is unsupervised at ANY time and that is even in her IEP. So I am going through the same thing – I send her to school and she picks something up from one of the other kids. She is more susceptible to it like your son is due to her syndrome. If you have any updates to your case or any other suggestions for me it would be MUCH appreciated! I go to DC every year and I am going in less than 2 weeks again for Rare Disease Week and I get a chance to talk to at least 3 of my Congressmen from Indiana and you can bet this will be front and center on my agenda this year.

  31. UPdate:My original post July 2014: Well, a year later… Finally got a diagnosis for my now 17 almost 18 year old. Stanford diagnosed her with Dysautonomia/Pots. Well, needless to say a year later after kicking her out of her Senior year, Now… they are willing to work with me! Hmmm I will share how this all turns out! :0)

  32. My son has a very extensive case of papillary cancer. He is on an inter district transfer (CA), same school for 6 yrs since kindergarden. Just kicked out of the district for attendance, missing 6 days, tardy. He’s on a 504 plan. Can they kick him out of the district? He is kicked out for next year, only thing is he wont be attending the elementary school anymore, he starts middle school so he wont even have anything to do with the principal that kicked him out. He now has to start middle school at a new school with no friends or anything familiar.The principal pulled him out of class one morning, told him he is kicked out, told him to tell his parents. When we picked him up he burst in to tears. How could a principal be so heartless to an 11 year old child. My son felt intimidated and that the principal didn’t like him cause he has cancer. What can I do to possibly get him back where he wants and needs to be?

    They also revoked his brothers transfer and said they are not taking transfers this year yet on the district website it says they are currently accepting transfers. I would like any info of what I could do. I just want my children to go to the schools they have been at for so many years, its their home away from home.

    • Contact the District Office and voice you concerns in a meeting with them. This is abuse of power for no good reasons.

    • had a similar situation only the school used cps in retaliation insinuating my daughter was abused on drugs and in a street gang and neglected at home for missing 3 days due to high sugar shes 504also this retaliation came a day after my wife refused to sign a school contract that stated she could never be late or absent again

  33. My daughter was told by the Principal that she can not return to school until she has a physical and note from her doctor stating all of her diagnoses because they had to call the paramedics “to many times” for her but she has only had two episodes and the school only had to call the paramedics one time and she has seen the school nurse one time this whole school year and ECAs are during the same week. Can the principal do that to her? Is that legal?

  34. My grand-daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in October. She has missed an enormous amount of school this year because of it. She was in the hospital last week for 7 days. The principal of the school called home and said that he was considering calling the police because her daughter had missed so much school. She has two things coming up in the next month that will add to her absences. My daughter-in-law considered home schooling her for the rest of the year and the principal said that would be fine but she would not be welcomed back in the fall. When she started school last year, they were living within the district. They now have moved out of the district, but the school said that she could still attend this year. Does she have any recourse? Looking for some options.

    • Absolutely I am in Texas and just went to court because my Diabetic daughter missed to many days from school. I got the case dismissed. Contact American Diabetes Association. You need to get you a 504/ civil rights act – 1973 Rehab Act section 504 should cover you for absences as related to her diabetes DO NOT ALLOW THEM TO BULLY YOU, this is not a disease that will go away and with puberty hormones etc sugars will go crazy for no reason. Make sure communication with school is documented – get doctor to write in her medical plan that parents/guardians have medical management permission to include absences or tardies as related to her diabetes management. They just also tried to make my daughter go to Saturday school where, after I requesting the documentation that they trained the Saturday teacher, they said oh sorry their not trained. So had I sent her, her life could have been in danger. They are wrong – the ADA will give you very valuable In formation

      • exact same problem only after I stood up for my daughters rights the school retaliated making crazy accusations of neglect abuse drug abuse even asked if she was in a street gang she has perfect grades not one disciplinary issue in her life and we live in a rural town that don’t even have gangs told them her gang was the ADA im prepared to go all the way to the supreme court the intimidation and accusations are irreprehensible

    • My daughter has type 1 diabetes and hqw a 504 plan that covers all her absences. She went to a charter school then switched to a public school and had 504 plans with both schools! A 504 plan should be very specific and detailed. You also need a school plan from the doctor. Lastly you need to educate the teachers and other staff member about type 1 diabetes. This will be a fight but you need to protect you kid!

      • had the same situation only the school retaliated using cps the truant officer insinuated she was being abused on drugs and in a street gang my daughter gets all A s never has been abused has one close girl friend never tried drugs and has not one disciplinary charge her entire life this all happened one day after my wife refused to sign a contract that stated she could never be late or absent ever again she is 504 also

  35. I get sick easily and I have missed 17 days of school or so they say I have. the teachers and principal has been messing with my grades and stuff they sent a letter to my mom saying if I don’t go to school she will be charged, over half the sickness has a doctors note my mom emails the school saying I am sick, but they seem to not do anything a few weeks one of be teachers had touched me and they aren’t suppossed to do that. the teachers tease and start rumors about me, my mom emails her lawyer telling him what days I missed and the principle still counts me absent, he threatened me with being charged with truency, I have a chronic bronchitis, I have to get my tonsils out soon cause I can’t talk or swallow, I get bad migraines, and I have social anxiety, depression bipolar disorder, many things.

  36. I’ve been very sick for a few months with severe abdominal pains to the point where I can’t move. I have been to the doctor but haven’t figured anything out. I know I’ve missed 20+ days of school and I am terrified of being in trouble, but two days ago I got an upper and lower gi and I’m still feeling pain in my stomach from that. Idk what to do. Should I make a 504 plan? My moms already told the school I am sick. But can they still try to take us to court or hold me back?

    • Do you have diagnosed allergies? YEARS ago my two oldest were in school-separate classrooms due to age but in the rooms with the highest mold counts and where 2 girls almost died due to asthma (IL). School was built on wetland without proper paperwork from the Army Corp of Engineers (The whole case file was sent to me by the Attorney handling the case as I advised him to check if there were Code and Ordinance Violations. He checked and there were). One of my children had ab cramping, headaches, sore throats due to this. IBS & GERD can be allergy related. It affected my others behavior, could not concentrate and other aspects.

      • We rented a home for almost 3 years and we were sick and didn’t know why. I took my daughter to an alternative place mold showed up. That’s when I got the house tested sure enough full of it. My son suffered severely after moving out of it. Now my son has acid reflux and anxiety real bad. My daughter has IBS. And we have been out of it almost 3 years this month. My daughter was an honor student and now from not being treated fairly, is struggling to maybe graduate. It has been such a nightmare. And to top it the landlord got away with it all! Could careless if we are still alive. I am sad because I have always tried to take care of my children and to be a better mom for them. Thanks for listening nobody else has.

  37. I’m 17 and in epileptic. I have missed a lot school due to epilepsy. The school sends me home every time I have one there. Also theres a paper in my records that state if I have one the day before i don’t go. They are trying to call the cops. Is there anything that me and my mom can do?

  38. School told my daughter that she could not attend her morning classes and miss her afternoon classes(doing home study ) and still be enrolled in her high school. They told her she would be enrolled in a school that is for what my daughter calls “stoners” and bad kids . Independent study/gateway . She has been diagnosed with an autoimmune diseases and has a Doctors note for the guidelines of what she can do so she doesn’t push herself to hard . My daughter is on honor roll and we both feel we are getting railroaded into something she clearly doesn’t want . She said she would rather cut off her legs than go to gateway . I didn’t sign anything . I called her Doctor who also is amazed . She will now have a 504 meeting in a month. We feel the way it was handled was sneaky and don’t know what to do now .

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