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09/24/2018 2:28 pm

Can schools just place a newly identified student into a self-contained special education class (say an EBD or a similar unit), without trying to see if they can thrive in the regular education environment after being placed on a new IEP? (Keep in mind, these students were NOT identified SPED before being placed directly in to the cross-categorical unit.) They went straight from being in the RTI process, then directly to a self-contained setting with other SPED students of mixed grades. \

Shouldn’t the IEP team and Reg. Ed. see if those students can survive in the original setting with support services? Before throwing their hands up right after the RTI process and subsequently placing them in a self-contained setting. That seems unethical IMHO! Please advise!

09/25/2018 4:03 pm
Reply to  Ben

The LRE (least restrictive environment) rules apply to this situation, & must be followed when determining the placement. IDEA 300.114 Your state parent training & information center will have information on LRE, & provide you assistance.