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Nicole:  My 9 year old daughter’s school reported her for truancy, after missing several days. She has several ongoing medical issues which they are aware of. She has an IEP plan in place stating exactly that. Even with a doctors note supporting me with her absences, the truancy officer said he didn’t care and wasn’t accepting the doctors notes. He referred me to the Illinois States Attorney. Please help….

  1. My kids school is ignoring my child’s needs with ASD and coming at me and herrassing me about attendance ignoring all health related problems and their neglect on my child. I have another son in the same school that has chronic asthma and they make him go outside two times a day during winter and complain about him being home because of a flair up when the school is at fault. Schools need to start owning up to their rules in effecting children’s mental and physical health.

  2. It’s pretty unsound to call it education neglect when the state can’t guarantee a job after satisfactory attendance and good grades.. power and control if they really cared about our children theyd help families economicily proves they dont care by charging parents with economic sanctions during runaway inflation seems like they want more homeless families. In order to maintain the ruling class there must be ignorant living in poverty

  3. When our local district threatened truancy for the school’s physician not completing the home instruction paperwork on time for our child’s traumatic brain injury, we used the school job description requirements for the school physician’s neglect of his duties to approve home instruction and sent it to the Superintendent. There should be language in the truancy officer’s job description that does not allow the school to ignore documented health absences from school. Our state DOE website also has in ed code the definition of truancy to dispute this.We have also written to our district trying to force our daughter back into school against medical clearance as forcing us as parents to commit child neglect by violating a treating MD

  4. A charge of violation compulsory education along with an arrest warrant for my wife has just been discovered, despite the fact that our daughter has had a 504 since her diagnosis of chrone’s disease?!? We found the 504 and recent coverage was from 2/24/17 to 2/23/18 and the charges were filed on 3/29/18. Is this our fault for not writing down the expiration date to remember to re-apply before the semester ended? I sure can do without the stomach crushing sick feeling of constant calamities blind-siding us.

    • Your state parent training & information program can help you learn about your options in this situation.

  5. Parent of a non-verbal Autistic child. I have read a number of Q and A’s on Wrightslaw. My family has been through a number of scenarios other families have experienced individually, highlighted by Wrightslaw. Feb. 20, 2018 was daughter’s last day of school. I refuse to send her back. The district contacted me by phone, after I refused all correspondence fwd via USPS, threatening to “send documents to court for truancy.” I told them to do what they had to do. My daughter was assaulted while at school. A “multi-layer puncture wound, described by three physicians, to her private area”, locked/caged in an enclosure built in a classroom directed by the OPEC Director, without my knowledge and/or approval, walked out of the building with blood soaked clothes with no explanation..

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