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Tiffany:  My son was diagnosed with Severe Depression, he is at ECOT currently because I got no help or support from his high school. There are days he will not eat and just sleep. I am worried he will get charged with truancy if he does not go to take the OAA’s. That will only make his condition worse, I wish the schools did more to help and support. Please advise. Thanks

  1. Tiffany –

    Has your son been evaluated for special education eligibility? If not, requesting an evaluation would be a good place to start. In most states, virtual schools are considered either public schools or school districts or charter schools, all of which must abide by IDEA, the federal special education law. The evaluation results can be used to develop an IEP to support him at the virtual school or back at the regular public school.

    If your child was already evaluated, whether or not he was found eligible, you may consider having him evaluated privately. The evaluation results can be used to revisit the IEP or eligibility, whichever the case.

    Your local parent center can provide you with info about how to request an evaluation and otherwise navigate the special education process (

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