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Jennifer:  My son has some behavior problems that can get out of control very quickly. He is currently riding on a special needs transportation bus with a male driver. His driver has been very good with the children but does not have an aide to assist him. I emailed the administration top to bottom with no success. In light of a fatal bus crash a few weeks ago that killed the driver and seriously injuries several students I am even more concerned that I have been ignored. The bus driver is also concerned because our son was sliding out of a seat belt and kicking the window. What can I do?

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I am pretty sure the IEP meeting is the perfect idea. Does an aide legally HAVE to be on the van/bus if the student is riding to an alternative placement with non-IEP students?


hi im 14 i have adhd and i have to ride the regular bus


Your lucky! I have a 5 yr old child with ADHD and anxiety and she has to ride the regular school bus with 90 kids whom are always acting like animals! sticking their heads through the windows, Constant yelling and running back and forth inside the bus!


You can ask that the rides be videotaped for a specified period (e.g. one week). You can arrange to view the tapes. You can request that someone like a social worker or the director of transp. ride the bus a couple of times to observe.

You can insist on a seat belt harness arrangement that does not allow the child to slide out. You can arrange to briefly board to the bus to check the fit.

Parent to parent, I will say that I can relate to your anxiety. It is very understandable in view of the recent tragic accident. When we put our children on the bus and send them to school we have to take a deep breath (or many deep breaths) and try to get through the day with that anxiety. We owe it to our children.

Excellent advice from Kim. You need to write a letter to request an IEP meeting. Include info about the bus accident and outcome, that the bus driver cannot handle this behavior while driving and the situation is endangering everyone.


Unfortunately not all special needs buses have aides. Someone else might want to chime in, in case I’m wrong, but it’s my understanding if the IEP team determines he needs a para/aide on the bus, the district will have to require one. I would call and schedule a meeting as soon as possible. Bring as much documentation as you can. Even better if you could invite the bus driver to attend as well.