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Susan:  My daughter is in a therapeutic school for an ed disability. She has applied for dual enrollment in a local community college. The school district says they are not obligated to provide transportation to the college because we as parents chose to do this. Is this correct?

  1. The school is required to provide transportation if it is written in her IEP.

    Does the school provide transportation for other students who attend the local community college? If they do provide transportation to non-disabled students but not to your child, you may have a good case of discrimination.

    • We are in a similar situation. The IEP lists the community college as placement, but the school does not want to provide transportation or pay tuition. While they school has taught my son to take a public bus (a great skill to have, don’t get me wrong), they expect him to walk 2 miles home or for us to transport. It’s my understanding this is wrong, both because they should be providing transportation for IEP placement and because FAPE still applies. Can anyone point me to relevant laws?

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