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Sarah: If a student moves to a different city and the parent does not immediately enroll them in school who is responsible for funding an out of district placement? eg – student is funded by district in out of district placement. Parents move towns but did not enroll the son right away – who is fiscally responsible for that gap? I am thinking it would be the last district “attended”?

  1. my daughter was discharged due to residency issues but district did not help in making sure we had a placement in the new district and its been three months no services.Is this an unsafe discharged from residential for a severely disabled child

  2. Sarah –

    Such decisions are guided by state law.

    If you’re the parent, this is the kind of thing I’d say you shouldn’t worry too much about. The two districts can probably figure it out on their own, and the state can figure it out for them if they can’t. The districts can even use your state’s IDEA due process hearing system to work it out, if they disagree with the state.

    But if you really want to know, you can contact your state’s Department of Education and ask them about residency rules for out of district special education students.

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