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Catherine:  Is there an Ohio Timeline for a student who enrolls in school AFTER their IEP has expired? At high school we get re-enrolled students who had dropped out before. They re-enroll with expired IEPs. I have just been told to “get around to it when possible”. I would like an exact timeline, if there is one, I didn’t locate a timeline for this on the state website.

  1. Help! We are here, in Illinois! Student has IEP, was on a “fake” remote or even hybrid enroll thru last SY. Then, student should have started school in August for following school year, BUT…… District decided to play an additional game in decreasing services on top of force out of student. So, basically they changed placement over the summer! No ESY, they consistently refuse to discuss and mark NO predetermined on IEP! So… we did NOT enroll student! We are sick n tired of all this stress! Facts are they try for 2-3 IEP’s each school year & do NOT follow any of them daily! October 2021 is their newest ANNUAL date on last IEP that we never even completed in meeting & they predetermined multiple pages. So, what the heck happens here? If we stay out? Student is 17!

  2. I believe dropping out of school is considered a “change of placement” and you may have to start the IEP process all over requesting a new test, etc. Did you receive a letter from the school when the student dropped out stating that the IEP had ended? If not then the last agreed upon IEP still has to stand. There is no such thing as “expiring” Either it is intact or eliminated with a change of placement. You need to check on the situation and go from there.

  3. I am going through that right now, I think based on IDEA they have to give comparable services based on his outdated IEP!! I think it’s 60 days….

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