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Rina: I am getting concerned. My daughter is currently in a private special education school, paid by my school district, a 12:1:4. She is currently in the 2nd grade and is 8 years old. In August 2013 her IQ was a 83. The test used was Wechsler Preschool Intelligence test. In May 2014 when she was 6 years old I decided to have a neuropsychological evaluation done. The test that was used at the time was also the Wechsler Intelligence test, the 4th edition. Her IQ was a 85. Today as of February of 2016, her Full IQ is 63. I am shocked and in tears. The test that was used was Stanford-Binet-Intelligence Scale, 5th edition. I am not sure if her current placement is causing her IQ to drop. What test should I have done in addition to the school test? My daughter’s classification is Speech and Language delay, Auditory processing and executive function disorder. I am so upset.

  1. Rina:

    Turn to Chapter 4, Intellectual Evaluations and IQ Testing, in your Wrightslaw: All About Tests and Assessments book. https://www.wrightslaw.com/store/aat.html

    Dr. Melissa Farrall explains all about IQ Tests, why IQ scores change, when you should be concerned about changes in IQ scores, and what you can do.

    You will also find several pages of Tables about the WISC with an explanation about differences between Index scores, scatter, and why the Full Scale IQ may not accurately represent your child’s level of functioning.

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