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Maribel:  Last week we had an IEP meeting my son is 5 -kindergarten …in LRE – diagnosis of autism … at the IEP he was to receive RSP, SPEECH, OT.  He had a Behavior plan  in place but the teacher changed it without informing me or putting it on the IEP. The week prior was the parent conference meeting, in which she was told not to speak about anything until the iep. My husband asked how she can teach 24 students with no aid and manage to put all negative data on what my son does during class in a weekly table. When we got to the teacher and the Behavior plan at the IEP meeting, she got upset and walked out. Principal, rsp specialist ,ot specialist, my therapist, regional rep, school phyc. were all there.  She signed the IEP and left.  I do not want my son in her class. is there something I can do. Can someone help… WORRIED MOM ;( !!

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07/13/2019 4:36 pm

We had a meeting for my son’s IEP that will be implemented for next year. He is going into 4th grade. Teacher walked in the office signed the IEP and walked right out. I told she can’t leave and she responded that it is now summer and she wants a vacation and does not have to attend. We have had problems with this teacher all last year (3rd grade). I just found out that my son will have her again for fourth. School told me I cannot pick my child’s teacher. Also they said she is not required to be at the meeting she just has to sign the IEP. HELP!!!!!

07/15/2019 12:53 pm
Reply to  Roseanne

Schools do not have to honor a parent’s request for a specific teacher, but certain staff must attend IEP meetings, unless parents agree to them not attending. I suggest you consult with staff at your state parent training and information project. They can help you understand your rights, and options.

02/19/2019 1:08 pm

I had the same thing happen in my IEP meeting when my son was in first grade. I was asking the teacher questions & gave her a list of suggestions provided by my son’s private OT. She looked through the suggestions & said “tried it, doesn’t work” to each & every suggestion. I then asked her to provide me with documentation as to “when she tried it, how long did she try it, etc.” This is when she got up and said “I’ve had enough” & proceeded to leave as the rest of the team was left sitting there in utter disbelief. Administration did nothing. The EC director ask that my son be removed from her class but the principal said it was “his school and he would make those decisions.” I threatened to get NC DPI involved and that’s when I was taken seriously

02/17/2019 10:40 am

Maribel: I had the same thing happen when my Husband and I had a meeting for our son. All my husband did was ask how is she going to be able to teach 18 kids without an Aid. She promptly told him to mind his business and that she has been doing this for awhile. We were in shock and she signed the IEP and left. She seems to hate us because we ask a lot of questions. We just want to make sure that our son is getting the proper education. We tried to transfer him to a different classroom but the school denied our request.

Sharon L.
04/09/2018 4:38 pm

I have requested my son have a different teacher & the school has complied but as long as the teacher is willing to follow the IEP it does not matter what the relationship emotionally is with you. It is the student that matters & if she complies that is good enough.

Susan S
03/12/2018 5:45 pm

The teacher is a member of the team and can only be excused if everyone agrees. Check the state laws about how many sped kids a teacher can have in a gen ed class without an aide. If it was a formal behavior plan – a BIP (Behavior Improvement Plan) it can only be changed through the IEP process. Is your son in the best placement for him to be able to access the curriculum. LRE means the least restrict environment your son can be successful in. It does not mean the least restrictive environment the school has. Does he have the appropriate level of support he needs? You can always ask to reconvene the team.

Sharon L.
04/03/2016 3:51 pm

No one can legally change the IEP without the team meeting and agreeing. You can always formally disagree with the change. You don’t have to sign the IEP if you don’t agree. I had a teacher start crying in the IEP team meeting because I asked a simple question. Some of the teachers are so overwhelmed that it is difficult for them to do what they need to do. YOu mentioned that he has no aid in the class. THat would be something to request. Perhaps it is not all of the teacher’s fault. If you do your best with no improvement I believe you can request a new teacher. We have done that and it works out ok.