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Linda:  My son does not respond to his teacher. He refuses to work with her. She also has been writing things in his IEP progress notes that he does not do. She wrote that he knows his colors. He does not know his colors and he won’t sit with her to learn them. Can I suggest a new teacher?

  1. Yes you may ask for another teacher. We have done this twice and it is in the best interests of the school and your son.

  2. Well, of course you can always make suggestions!

    I haven’t always succeeded with this, but once I did. I started with the building principal and then had to approach central administration. I presented a one-page list of specific concerns, avoiding any personal criticisms of the teacher in the written list. My primary point was that my son’s classwork was not aligned with state curriculum requirements. (My son did not have a 504 or IEP at the time.) In the first meeting we were told some specific changes we could expect to see, and we reached an agreement to meet again in one month’s time if those changes didn’t occur. They didn’t occur, we met again, and central administration forced the principal to approve the change.

    Good luck!

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