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Karen:  Please Help!!! I have a parent in a district and we discovered the Special Ed Supervisor changed her child’s Progress Reports from 2012-2016. The Supervisor dated the changes 2/2016, added a narrative and data, reported on the wrong goals, deleted previous data put in by former Case manager teachers. The parent filed a Formal Complaint with the district and its been a month long investigation. Teachers have been interviewed, all in an effort to find a program error.

  1. SELPA ?
    CIVIL littagarion On Person ?
    My Guess Selpa statuets that person could be barred from access
    up to 5years cor misshandeling Private and protected .Records
    thats all i got hope it helps

  2. The end result may be a “cover up” or possibly some type of discipline action or “nothing at all.” The school district will always look out for for the interests of the school district. The issue at hand centers around a true “portrait” of the child according to accurate assessments, data, etc. Does the student have an advocate who can assist them. The parent will need such in this case. Don’t expect the school district to fully support the parent. Corruption and mishandling of information at that level usually have “helpers” known as those who encourage such behavior in a direct or indirect manner.

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