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Wendy:  If student turns 21 in August aren’t they entitled to another year of school as the school year begins on July 1st? School District telling me it’s based on Fiscal School Year which begins September 1st – Help! I can’t find the law! Wendy

  1. What happens during pendency if district continues to appeals and student ages out so student never gets the relief impartial hearing officer orders doesn’t pendency continue during all appeals. Why’s is this so hard to find an answer to

  2. I was disabled from birth defects but my parents raised me as though there was nothing wrong with me. I didn’t find out I was different until I began kindergarten in 1956. Yes, that ages me. In fact, I was mainstreamed through all my school years. I had a limp and so didn’t walk or move around doing various activities like other children. Then I learned I was different. I began to not trust teachers sometime during my second grade year when a fellow student in my class walked up to the girls line where I was waiting. Students then were always told to line up by sex type. A fellow student named xx came over and slugged me in the back hard enough to really hurt. I told the teacher he had slugged me and she told me I was lying and to go back to the line. I hated her and school

  3. Wendy –

    The last day for students who “age out” of special education is determined by individual states. In many states, students continue in school until the day before their birthday. In others, they stay until the end of the semester. And other states have different rules.

    I encourage you to contact your local parent center for guidance regarding this (, or your state’s Department of Education.

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