Sign Up Today for The Atypical Learner Conference in Annapolis, MD – April 8-10, 2011

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The Atypical Learner Conference, designed for parents and caregivers of bright children who might be failing in school. The conference will focus on common causes and explanations for dyslexia, ADHD, speech delay, school failure and behavioral problems that are treatable.

Pete Wright, will be one of the speakers on April 9th and will focus on legal issues specific to hidden handicaps and /or atypical learners. Other speakers include: Carol Stock Kranowitz, M.A., Dr. Carole Samango-Sprouse, Dr. Alan Rogol, and Dr. Kenneth Rosenbaum. Several more speakers to be confirmed. This three day conference is sponsored by The Focus Foundation.

  1. As a parent of an GREAT child with XXY, I can say from past experience how hard it is to get recognition of the services your child needs. It often falls to parents to educate school staff, therapists, and sometimes pediatricians & specialists who have little experience with X & y chromosome differences.
    We were fortunate to find Dr. Samago-Sprouse in 2006, and have continued to see her annually. The in-depth evaluation report, expert guidance and syndrome specific interventions for aggressive targetted services has been a critical componentent in crafting meaningful goals for our son’s IEP and optimal development. This is a powerful tool to share with your team!
    If you are a parent, please consider attending this conference . You will doubtless walk away with invaluable knowledge and insight to help your child thrive 🙂


  2. We are very excited about this conference and are working hard to “get the word out” that there can be identifiable medical cause for your child’s learning differences. More important, in boys who are XXY there is medical treatment that is very important to their health, well being and also to their learning. Boys and girls with an additional X and Y occur one in 500 children BUT only 25% are ever identified in their lifetime…This conference is one of many events to increase awareness about a common but rarely identified cause for reading dysfunction, speech delay, motor clumsiness,ADHD, dyspraxia in boys and girls. The diagnosis is important because it helps develops more directed/ appropriate IEP & school services which results in more rapid improvement. Help us FOCUS and FIND these Forgotten Children!

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