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Taya:  My son is totally normal, never was diagnosed with anything, but he gets distracted very easy during the class. So the school was on me for few years to put him in IEP program and finally we give in.  but he didn’t improve a bit academically.  he’s in 6 th grade. Now in February I took him out school for homeschooling and he is still on IEP program thru this home school. Should I take him off this program? Would it affect him in a future when he’ll go to college? Thanks

  1. There are many people who want their kids on IEP’s & the school fights them. If you believe your son does not need services you can have an IEP meeting to discuss & end the IEP. I would get an outside evaluation from a professional first. The school will pay for this. This way you can get information that may help you see if you should or should not do this. The other option is OHI IEP which your son may qualify if he is ADD ( you mentioned he was easily distracted). YOu can get information on this from your state spec dept. online or from the school. I would hestitate to reuse services unless it is proven that your son does not need them.

  2. Taya –

    In my experience, a school will not provide an IEP to a student that they did not believe had a disability. Still, it’s certainly within your right to revoke your consent for special education.

    Will it affect him in the future? If your son does need the support, removing it can certainly impact his future. But simply having or not having the document in place, administratively, will not hurt him. If he does need support in the future, you can ask again for it then.

    If I was in your place, I would seek an evaluation before revoking consent. You can ask the school to evaluate, if they haven’t done so in a while. Or you can arrange to have him privately evaluated. The evaluation should tell you if he does indeed need support and, if so, what it should look like.

    • they are using ur son as a cash cow. if nothing is wrong with your kid why even have an iep? the school is USING ur kid 🙁

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