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Julie: My son is in 7th grade. His IEP says that he would benefit from being placed at an instructional level of 4th grade in the area of math. He was actually placed in the 7th grade resource room and learning 7th grade math. He was then put in the 6th grade resource room, at the 6th grade level. It is still too hard! He as a huge gap of missing skills. They say they can’t do a pullout because there is no money. How do I get them to follow the IEP!!

  1. To me, a Resource Room IS a pull-out — they’re pulling him out of the regular classroom, no? In a resource room with a small student to adult ratio, the teacher should give the student some specific one-on-one help for at least part of the class time.
    However, it is not enough to give targeted help. Specific, realistic goals are also needed, and modified assignments, so he can build up his skills step by step.
    I will say frankly that if I were in your shoes, I would also be beating the bushes for outside tutoring. If you can’t afford a private tutor, see if you can find a volunteer tutoring program in your community.
    Make sure the tutor understands where your son currently is with his math skills.

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