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Stephanie: My question to you would be that my daughter is a senior in a New Mexico High School with a learning disability and has regular IEP. Every meeting I have been they have always told me my daughter was always on schedule for graduation. Now they have said she has not passed state testing. How or what are her options?

  1. In New York State a child with an IEP needs to pass all 5 regents with a passing grade of 55 to receive a High School Diploma. My daughter is now a Junior and have passed 3 out of 5 regents so far. However, she has not passed her Reading Comp. Regents because it was not read to her. She is dyslexic and on her IEP it is written that all important tests must be read to her. I am being told IF SHE DOES NOT PASS THIS ONE REGENT SHE CANNOT RECEIVE A DIPLOMA. How can she read this when she is severely dyslexic (this is a visual perception problem). What if I asked her teachers to take a test without their reading glasses or take a test in a different language.. Sorry but I feel this is discriminatory.. I also asked if they could Increase the Font of the Test as well .. I have an IEP meeting set next month. I need to be more specific in detail in her IEP … But is this a LAW that the Reading Comp. Regents cannot be read to a child with an IEP with a learning disability with dyslexia…

  2. You need to learn the state rules on graduation. Some states allow a student with a disability to graduate without passing the state test. In other cases the district is to provide other services to assist the student in meeting graduation requirements. Your state parent training & information project can assist you on finding this information.

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