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Mary:  I have requested another eval (last in 3rd grade) for my son in 8th grade, in a Catholic school, over a year ago. Last eval showed LD similar to dyslexia, dyscalculia and dysgraphia but school district did not have authority to diagnose such. New eval was available to specifically diagnose. Was told it was being processed at LEAST once a month. Found out at end of school year that it was never requested and now my son is in limbo as Catholic High School requested eval before acceptance to make sure they could accommodate. Receiving NO response from County school district or Catholic diocese. Last communication confirmed that Catholic school did not process request through the school district nor did they notify parents (us) that there would be no evaluation. I think I need legal help at this point! Need to do something fast!

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You might try contacting the public school district’s special education office directly.

Also, you may be able to get your insurance to cover an independent evaluation, with the right support from your child’s primary.

Don’t hesitate to follow up here on the Helpline. If you run out of space, you may need to post two parts to your question. I would encourage you to write in full sentences, to ensure your question is well understood.


Could you change schools so he may receive the best services to help with the dyslexia, etc.? I knew of a similar situation and the family sent the child to public high school (with assessment and accommodations) and the child is doing very well. I do understand if the Catholic school is your preference. Does the Cahtolic high school provide the same type of educational track that is now failing your son or will they provide appropriate services, accommodations and assistive technology to prepare him for college or just general transition out of high school? If possible, have your son privately evaluated though it can be pricey. Why wait for a system that is failing your son and possibly may continue to fail him as he moves forward?