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Hazel:  Are school psychologists, OT, speech & language specialists required to recommend what a special child specifically needs(autistic) or what IS only available in the district?
Should they recommend the services that are not available in schools but the child would need to address his appropriate & unique needs? If they don’t disclose their recommendation that is not offered in the district, are they in violation of FAPE?

  1. Are there any laws that prevent a parent to be in the same room when a child is having an evaluation?

    • Not sure about laws, but the results would be invalid, not be able to used for any decision making and really should not even been reported (only observational information). Tests are normed on only the child and examiner in the room so if the parent was present standardization would be broken rendering the scores invalid.

  2. My son is 18 and a Senior in High school. We have yet to have a transition meeting. What do these normal intel and how do we transition from High school to college the IEP.

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