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Confused:  I have been with my student since 8 grade year. I have been recently told that I would be transferred to a different school. My student will be a senior this year and has some medical issues and has seizures when upset or tried. Is there anything that could be done to keep me with the student until she graduates? The parents are against the whole change, but they won’t us keeper together.

  1. I have a question: Does a Pre-School have to accept a student who is non-verbal and non-potty trained?

  2. Your passion and concern for the student are noteworthy. I do find it odd that the school is removing you from the para role as the student only has one more year. I think for many reasons it is ok to separate. Is the school providing a trained aide for the student? My only point to note is that you are using the term “my” student. I am sure not in your case but sometimes paras become too attached to the students and the parents become too attached to the having a certain para. I don’t think this is a good scenario. The students must learn to work with different providers. If the school can provide another qualified trained aide–that is a “win win” for everyone. As the student moves forth, change will happen more and more especially with transition.

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