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Susan:  The parents of a learner with autism requested the district to allow him to remain in my class a few more months–up to a year. The child is in 5th grade, and has been in my class for 3 years. When he started out, he was non-verbal, and not very sociable. Now he speaks in sentences (when he speaks), is engaged with his peers, and participates in all our activities.
His parents are trying to sell their house now, and move out of state. They are concerned about the transitions- to middle school, and then another transition when they move again. He has done well in my class, and they are afraid he will go backwards with these transitions.Also, his birthday is in late November so he is a YOUNG 5th grader. The district denied their request.
Can the parents retain him if they feel a few more months (or whenever it takes to sell their house)?
What do you recommend they do to retain their son?

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09/04/2020 11:56 am

Hi, I have an 11 yo son who has ADHD. He was 3 when he entered Pre-K and 4 when he began Kindergarten. By the time he was in 3rd grade he was 3 grade levels behind per NYS standards. I have asked for retention every year since 1st grade and have been denied. He is now going into 7th grade. He barely passed 6th grade. He has a 504 that they school has “forgotten” about due to “COVID”. I want him to be held back. They say “it should have happened in the elementary” yet I asked. They denied. We’ve been in the same district since 1st grade. What do I do now? I think I have a right as a parent to choose if he is held back; and proof that he is socially & mentally unprepared/behind as well. Please help.

09/08/2020 1:24 pm
Reply to  Kimberly

Your state parent training and information center can give you some guidance on your child’s situation. In situations like this, the best approach is requesting, and pushing for appropriate intensive instruction to catch the student up with their peers.  

09/09/2020 8:33 pm
Reply to  Chuck

Thank you for the feedback! I will start doing some more research there! I appreciate the help, Chuck.

06/23/2016 1:54 pm

Susan, this is a tough situation and I don’t have enough information about the child or his progress to provide advice. If I was the child’s parent, I would consult with a child psych or SLP in the private sector, get testing if they recommended it, ask for their professional opinion.