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Brandon:  School never added accommodations to IEP,so we asked for 504 Plan multiple times and school said no and lied about 504. Teacher sent months of notes complaining about ADHD behavior. Discovered she has been forcing him to each lunch alone and depriving him of ice cream “until he learns to act like other kids”. School wouldn’t listen, filed Federal OCR complaint. The child they called a sweetheart 3 weeks ago in his IEP meeting was called school terrorist over phone once they got copy of complaint. They said he will not be allowed to stay in class and they don’t do small groups which is not what he needs, but that they don’t have room for him now at this school in GA. I need help ASAP plz!

  1. I suggest you contact OCR and let them know about the retaliation. (Unfortunately, this might not result in any quick action — OCR tends to get quite backed up.)

    Note that if your child currently has an IEP, that gives you quite a bit of protection from your state education department. Try to find the office that receives special ed complaints in your state and let them know what’s going on. (In NY it’s called Special Ed Quality Assurance.)

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