Research Based Instruction RBI: DOES ANY RESEARCH EXIST

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Chris:  In my area most schools use some sort of “model”, “methodology” or “system” (usually purchased from a publishing company or downloaded directly from the state, itself). The schools claim these are research based methods that have been proven to work for students. Where is the research that states that all students can be successfully educated through the same means?

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01/11/2016 4:05 pm

“Research-based” is a buzz word I’m hearing frequently in my district. Ask THEM for their sources.

Don’t hesitate to bring your own research-based proposals. Cite your sources.

01/11/2016 4:04 pm

Research may exist, but finding it, is not always easy. Sometimes it can be found on the programs website. There are independent websites that have info on some programs. Check… and

01/11/2016 4:04 pm

Thank you.