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D:  Are therapists required to make up missed therapy sessions if my child is sick?

  1. My son receives OT/PT at school. I also happen to be a school speech therapist at his school. Therapists are required to make up sessions for their own absences but are not required to make up for student absences. Simply because therapists are on a tight schedule and have high caseloads which would make it impossible to make up sessions every time a student is absent. I do try to fit them in if at all possible. In my state a speech therapist can have up to 68 students on caseload. In my county OT/PT are contracted from outside of the school system and do not get paid if they miss a session.

  2. Your state education agency may have a rule on this. The last I saw at the federal level was that sessions should be made up when the therapist was out, but when the student was sick, the IEP team should decide if the child needed make up sessions to be able to meet their goals.

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