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Roberta:  How do I force the school to teach my son to read? Reading goals have been in his IEP since 2nd grade, he is now in 8th and is still functionally illiterate. No matter what I say or do or who I talk to I hear the same rhetoric! Baby steps.
He will not be able to function in life without this skill and it seems they want to keep him illiterate!

  1. An independent evaluation would be a great way to determine exactly how far behind your son actually is. Search S.M.A.R.T. goals on this site and make sure his IEP goals are S.M.A.R.T. Baby steps are fine but you have to measure and compare them in order to know if you are actually moving. From Emotions to Advocacy has strategies that I found to be very helpful when in similar situations.

  2. You also can use the dispute resolution options, state complaint, mediation & due process hearing. Each state education agency should have information on these options on their website.

  3. I STOPPED waiting for the school to do its job. I had to do my own research and advocacy for my child became MY job. Both of my kids needed help. I was persistent and collaborative. Teachers applauded me for pushing back against the district and getting proper FAPE/LRE for my LD kids and ESY and progress resulted. Teachers began to advocate for other kids who were not receiving services once my child received an IEE and AT. These teachers were overwhelmed in a system that did not fully service LD students. T The district had no choice but to provide SBRI and trained staff. The state was involved but more the hearts of teachers who cared and students who wanted to read.

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