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Raquel:  Student was evaluated for OT and Adaptive PE. The IEP has the next FIE listed for 3 years. My question is, if an FIE was not done initially and a parent asks for an FIE before the 3 years, is it considered a reevaluation?

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Jill G

Raquel –

Let me see if I understand you…

A student had an initial evaluation for special education eligibility that included assessments in the areas of OT and APE. The IEP lists the reevaluation date for 3 years from the date of the recent one.

You want to know if the parent asks for another area be assessed (such as reading skills) will this be a reevaluation (and not another initial evaluation)?

The answer is yes, any evaluation after the initial evaluation is considered a reevaluation under IDEA. It doesn’t matter if it’s in an area that’s never been assessed before, nor if it’s before that 3-year time frame is up.

And a parent can ask for a reevaluation at any time they feel their child’s needs have changed, including in areas that have never before been assessed.