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Christel:  I signed my son’s REED, approving school’s recommended testing for his re-eval IEP. They conducted the evaluations, they did not provide me with copies for evals prior to the IEP meeting; during the IEP meeting the school psychologist went over his eval, and told me that he recommends my son is no longer eligible for special education. I asked for the evals from all professionals and said that we need to reconvene since that did not give me time to review the documents. Can I still revoke consent for the evaluations? I’ve done research, and the law states that the parent can revoke consent at any time. We have not had the official IEP meeting yet, but I already know that the school says that they don’t think he should qualify.

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09/25/2019 9:42 am

Hi all- new to this- I am sorry I don’t have a response to the question above but I do have a question specifically related to Pennsylvania state regs and Approved Private Schools. In PA, students who receive special ed must have a reevaluation conducted every 3-yrs unless they are classified ID. However, since we are an APS (for deaf children), we must conduct RRs every two years AND we were informed that we can NEVER issue a waiver for the evaluation process. Chapter 171 in PA regs clearly states the mandatory 2-year reeval but I cannot find a regulation related to not being able to issue a waiver to a family. Can someone please help me find this?? Thank you in advance-Michelle state certified school psychologist

06/29/2016 2:03 pm

IDEA rules say “If a parent revokes consent, that revocation is not retroactive (i.e., it does not negate an action that has occurred after the consent was given and before the consent was revoked).” 300.9(c)(2) You have the right to ask the school to pay for an independent educational evaluation, & to use the dispute resolution process. You state parent training & information center can assist you.