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Sue:  Hi. My son is on a certificate path . He is in 9th grade when i got his report nothing was on it.
It was totally blank.
Does the school still have to record progress on his report card ?
Thank you

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Jill G
01/10/2016 6:02 pm

This Q&A from OCR addresses grading practices and report cards for students with disabilities: Although it does not specifically address your situation, it may be helpful for you (and the Team).

Jill G
01/10/2016 6:01 pm

Sue –

The school is required to provide you with a report card that is at least as informative as those for students without disabilities. If other student’s reports cards are not blank, then your child’s report card should not be blank either.

If your child is working with a modified curriculum (I assume that’s what a “certificate path” is), his grading will likely also be modified. How he is graded should be addressed by the IEP Team and incorporated into his IEP. And the report card should be a reflection of this.

I encourage you to speak to the Team chair about the report card, and ask to convene the IEP Team if needed.