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Daniel:  Our 8 year old daughter is in a private Christian school and has trouble staying seated and just wants to always socialize and talk. Her grades are great (90avg), has no problems learning, and is very outgoing, is four belts away from black belt in karate and attends dance since age2. She respects elders and is not disrespectful most of the time but of course like many children she wants it her way and doesn’t like it when she doesn’t get her way. The school has worked with us and at the schools suggestions we have several tools to assist her with staying seated and staying on task in school.. The school says she is ADHD and the teacher after two weeks of beginning of school says that she needs to be medicated. We explained that we will never medicate our child and that we all will have to find tools to help her stay in her seat and not talk and disrupt the class. Essentially what I am asking is what legal recourse do we have with a private school? The Psychologists we just started seeing at their insistence, says that the school is developing a case to kick our daughter out of school. I agree with that. I realize that this is a private school but is there anything we can do? It would crush our daughter if we had to leave this school. Most of the teachers there are great except this third grade teacher. She will not accept any solution except medicine. Our daughter does not need medicine. Can you offer any suggestions? Thank you for your time.

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Daniel I had to pull my child out of school due to the same thing. School insisted I medicate my child which I will not do. The math teacher blatantly told me that my son does not know how to let other students talk without talking over them. He does have ADHD and sometimes can be unfiltered. Recently he insulted another student and the teacher wrote him up instead of dealing with his issues. In fact i found out that he was written up for each time he interrupted and when the teacher was out and they had a sub he was sent to ISS so the other students could work in peace. This disturbed me and I placed him in a different school where he is excelling.


what does the GDE say?


Your daughter is bright, focused and in extracurriculars. I know of parents who requested a teacher change/class room change and met with great success. The sad reality is that some teachers have a lot of power and administrators do not hold them accountable. I have seen this in public and private schools. When it comes to private schools, my stance is “go with the school that is a good fit for your child and wants to see your child empowered. Go with the school that loves your child and actually wants your child as a member of the school community.” Do you feel that way now at her school? It may not get easier at that school as she gets older. She is a very talented child with dance, karate, high grades–most other schools would welcome such talent in their learning communities.