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Samantha:  A pre k student with behavioral issues is bullying other students he chokes punch, kicks and I’m not talking little one he leaves marks the principal say she cant expel him because he has special needs because of his behavioral problem so if he special needs cant they put him in a classroom by himself away from the other children so no more kids get hurt

  1. Samantha, I’m not sure that would be the ideal solution for all concerned; but certainly things can’t continue the way they are currently. Could you find a couple of other concerned parents to accompany you in a meeting with the principal and/or someone higher up in your district administration? Make sure you document in writing each incident. Ask your child regularly, in a very neutral tone, “On a scale of 0 to 7, where 0 means you feel completely safe, and 7 is the most unsafe you can imagine feeling, how safe do you feel when you’re in your classroom?” You can color code this scale to make it easier. Work very hard not to influence your child’s answers, and keep track of them.

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