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Leon:  I would like my daughter to be transferred from special ed class to a regular class.  She is in 6th grade right now.  She graduated 5th grade and was transferred to middle school. When she was 7 years old, she went to school and they decided to place her in IEP class where she was getting help with ESL. Currently she speaks fluently and she has no special ed needs, she was never diagnosed with MRDD or DD, nor did she have a behavioral problem.  She was in need for speech and language (English) help. So, now she is in middle school and they placed her in special ed class where they have MRDD and DD kids, who really have special needs.  My daughter is crying almost every day to help her to get out from special ed class.  She is degraded there and getting depressed.  I would appreciate if anyone can give me some advice on how I can resolve these issues.

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Leon, I think something is not quite right with this picture. A school district would not just casually place a student in such a class. She has been tracked this way for several years. Who has been the primary person from her family that communicated with the school all these years? She is in middle school and those placements are not taken lightly. Sit down with the classroom teacher and case manager and have them explain to you the rationale for the placement and explain her academic profile. I would also have a conversation with the ESL department about this situation which will give you more insight into how ESL students are tracked. She is in somewhat of a “contained” classroom environment. She is “aware” that she does not want to be in there.


Parents have the right to remove consent for special ed services. If you believe that she does not need any services, you can tell the principal & the special ed director in writing that you are withdrawing consent, & they must stop all special ed services.