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Melissa: My son has attended the same school for the past 11 years. The severe/profound teacher resigned. School board joined a cooperative and transferred all services/education to another school district. The personnel at the new location have no idea about my son’s medical condition, etc and the environment/location is unsafe. The school says the change in location is not placement and so still conforms to IDEA. The school did not attempt to hire another teacher only decided to join cooperative and change location of services and did not take into consideration my son’s health needs. The principal told us we needed to move to a larger city if we were worried about his health.

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Jill G
12/30/2015 5:37 pm

Melissa –

If the new classroom is fundamentally the same as the one described in your child’s IEP, the move is likely NOT a change of placement (as the school stated). That said, you’re not without options here.

At the very least, I would suggest meeting with the Team to discuss your concerns. If IEP facilitation is an option where you live, consider requesting this (it may be helpful to have a neutral person present!). Maybe the new environment can environment can be improved with some modifications and teacher education.

You may also consider asking that your son be reevaluated, if that hasn’t happened recently.

If you continue to be in disagreement with the school, you can consider using other dispute resolution options.