Parents Leading the Way

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State parent leader, Susan Bruce, will be a featured speaker at “Parents Leading the Way” – the 2010 South Carolina Parent Leadership Conference this weekend at South Carolina State University.

As a parent advocate and a regional education coordinator for PRO*Parents of South Carolina, Susan travels to 17 counties in the state while conducting workshops for parents of students with disabilities.

She has written articles published in The Special Ed Advocate from Wrightslaw, sharing her belief that building collaborative relationships between parents, educators and administrators creates better outcomes for all children.

Susan is the mother of three children with learning disabilities. After spending years researching and learning about IDEA and about her children’s disabilities, Susan has spent the last three years applying all she has learned. She’s now a “force to be reckoned with” when advocating for children.

Read Susan’s success story From Victim to a Mighty Force: The Numbers Do Not Lie

Susan also created A Parent’s Guide to Response to Intervention (RTI) that highlights important RTI issues parents need to be aware of.

February is National Parent Leadership Month in SC, when organizations recognize parents demonstrating leadership and holding leadership roles in their communities, homes and children’s schools.

The conference is a joint project of the South Carolina Department of Education, the South Carolina School Improvement Council, Parents Anonymous® of SC, Inc., SC State, ProParents, The Children’s Trust of SC, SC Parent Information and Resource Centers, and the state’s Parent Teacher Association.

  1. Recently my child’s school district is informing me they’re stopping their deaf ed program; with my child being hearing impaired and has attended this school district since kindergarten and now he is in his freshman year they no longer want to to fund the program. The school district is finding a legal loop hole by saying providing transportation for my child to a school that is a hour & half away they are fitting my childs needs. My child highly upset because he loves where he grew up was very excited to his 4 year plan for high school along with his friends he grew up with. He’s very active in sports every year if not twice a year; sadly if does attend the school they’re wanting him to he we longer be able to play in sports. I’m needing help to get my son to stay in his school.

  2. How do I get the school district to do their jobs? I have done my homework. I have an attorney, for the district has broken so many of the laws. I love the wrightslaws web page as I have taught my attorney a lot as I have all laws broken backed up by the Ohio board of education as well as state. The only thing I was not sure of is if an amendment didn’t back my findings. I know that they are ruining my sons life as he is sick with Hypogammaglobulinemia, as well as other medical issues. I and his brother also are sick with the disease. I am and have been so nice to all that I know is a must for this is my child’s education and I must obey my parent duties and I am compliant 100%. I am only asking for what is right. He is going to be held back the third time as a kindergartner.

  3. Thanks Colleen, you didn’t realize at the time, the legacy that you began in SC twenty years ago. I am so proud of your son and you.

  4. Under the direction of a dedicated Board of Directors, I was able to write the federal grant for and begin operations of Parents Reaching Out To Parents (PRO-Parents) of South Carolina in the early 1990’s. With the assistance of incredibly talented, knowledgeable and creative staff, we built the foundation for what is now a powerful advocacy organization. My hat is off to you Mary for exemplary leadership and to you Susan, and others like you, for breaking down the barriers and and replacing them with positive change on a daily basis. As a lifelong advocate and mother of a now college-age son with multiple learning diabilities, I applaud you all and encourage you to keep going.,,,as we all know, there is still much work to be done.

  5. As a former school board member and long time advocate, the rule of thumb is, I parent is just an angry troublemaker. 2 parents are a set of friends that support each other in making trouble. 3 parents is a small group that needs to be watched. 4 parents is a group that needs to be listened to, 5 parents is a major problem that required attention and more than 5 parents at one meeting with the same problem in mind is a huge issue that requires immediate attention and why didn’t the superintendent let the board know there was this problem?

  6. My association with Susan has helped me to better serve children and families throughout SC. Her personal experience, knowledge,
    expertise and vision has definitely made her a hero in the eyes of many.

  7. An incredible advocate! Susan is leading parents, like myself, to a path of change for the children of SC whose needs are different than that of their average peers! She is empowering…dedicated… and a fabulous mentor! She has instilled in me a power and strength that I never could not have found on my own! Change has come to my child because of Susan. Thus, one child at a child, change will come to all!!!

  8. WOW Susan!!! Just wow. Our stories are so much the same except I am just starting out. I can’t wait to hear Pete Wright speak in March. I am currently starting a parents group for my area in California. I am getting all kinds of experts to come talk to parents. I too felt so angry, betrayed and guilty all at the same time. I did turn my feelings into positive and I have educated myself to help my child who also feels like he is the king of overcoming dyslexia. We will win and I won’t give up! If we stand together we can change our Country from west coast to east coast and everywhere inbetween! Thank you so much for sharing.

  9. Susan has committed her life to this cause!! The countless hours helping her and other children is simply amazing!! I am proud to be associated with such a smart, headstrong and caring woman!!

  10. Yeah Susan!!! Susan is a great example of what parent advocacy looks like. She has done so much to impact special education in S. C.

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