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Elizabeth: Is it true that parental involvement, however, does not extend to the choice of case manager, the choice of teacher, or the choice of related services providers? And the reasoning is:These are personnel decisions made by a district’s administrative team based on student need and staff availability in consultation with case managers, teachers, and related services providers.
Is this all true?

  1. Hi,

    Quick question, the principal changed my child case manager without any warning or IEP meeting. Is this legal? It had nothing to do with caseloads but because they made a change in the curriculum and want to get better scores. I never agreed or consented to this change in any way and feel this will negatively impact my child’s overall education. Please help! How do I get their original CM back?!

  2. What sometimes works, when your hunch is that a change is needed, for the well-being of your child, is to contrast a description of the type of teacher or service provider that fits well with your child, against a description of the type that does not fit well.

    This usually works best if sent to the principal in the spring or summer, as part of planning for the next school year.

    To get your child out of one classroom into another mid-year, which is occasionally necessary to do, I recommend showing that the current classroom is not aligned with the state/district curriculum (in my state’s case, the Common Core). It wasn’t easy, but we did it.

  3. Case manager, related service provider and teachers are assigned by the administration of the school in most cases. However, you have a right to request a specific case manager for your child if you would like. The school does not have to meet your request but you can ask. In my school, as a case manager, there have been instances where we have assigned students to different case managers because of parent or teacher request.

  4. Unless you are from Human Resources and the one doing the hiring, then no, that is not for you to decide. Case managers are usually the classroom special educator, the specialist in some cases, (when the disability is speech for example) or grade level special educator for a child in inclusion/gen ed class. Most schools have one Speech therapist or perhaps one half time speech therapist. Your child goes to school, he or she will be assigned that speech therapist.

  5. Yes, you have been told the truth. The school district administration (not the parents) has the authority and responsibility to assign school employees to the various IEP team roles, such as case manager, special education teacher, and related service providers. Parents are not involved in assigning or choosing which staff fill the required roles.

  6. Elizabeth, Yes, it’s true. Parents do not have the authority to hire or fire school employees unless you are homeschooling and pay people to educate your child.

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