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Karen: In an IEP meeting, when parents are divorced. Can one parent have someone come to the meeting that the other parent does not want in the meeting, such as current girlfriend, their family members etc… What is a parents right to protest a non professional person attending their child’s IEP meeting?

  1. Can I hold an IEP with just one parent? The father has been notified and continues to cancel meeting and we are out of compliance. This is an initial. The father saw a need to assess, the mother saw no problem. The father is demanding I send him all paperwork/assessment data to give to his lawyer before meeting. Do I need to comply?

  2. There are safe guards that vary by state that require ample notification for individuals that the school can bring to the table without being required to have the parents sign a waiver of notification.

    You have to choose your battles and this would be best served if it is worked out separate from the IEP table.

    Each school is different but there are a lot of them that would L O V E to assist you in anything except providing meaningful services for your child. This type of topic would be referenced when it comes time to play the blame game.

    From Emotions to Advocacy can help you streamline your approach and stay focused on why you are there. It was a game changer for my child who is a young adult now.

  3. In this case the determination of how to bring is the parent’s. 300.321(c) One parent can protest, but unless state law addresses this, there is not much the school or parent can do. Even if one parent leaves, the school could probably continue with just one parent.

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