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Sophie:  I have been banned from entering my 8th grader’s school on trumped up charges (which were not investigated). I signed in one morning at the main office shortly before school started, and went to my son’s classroom to ask the teacher for an appointment to speak with him; he invited me to speak with him then and there. I did so and then left promptly. The superintendent got wind of this and banned me from the school, saying that I (a) did not sign in, and (b) went to a classroom without an appointment. I believe this is in retaliation for my advocacy for my son. He will have moved on to the high school by the time OCR would get around to investigating if I file a complaint. What can I do in the meantime?

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I know that most teachers do not expect parents to just “show up” without an appointment. An appointment “on the spot” is more because the teacher was accommodating with you. Morning times at schools are very busy. Could you have called? I think the school district and you can come to a compromise. You should have a right to visit your child’s school; however, the administrators are responsible for safety and concern issues. I would work with the superintendent as you have several more years in the school district. This situation needs time to calm down.