Occupational Therapy (OT): HOW DO I REPLACE BAD THERAPIST?

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Leslie:  We have an IEP and we have Occupational Therapy services defined. The single therapist the school uses is incompetent and often does not show up. How can I get her removed/replaced? The special education director is satisfied with her so the school will not consider removing her at this point. Can I take those funds and take him to another OT myself since county is so small? I am in WV.

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I like Sharon’s suggestions. To add a bit more: ask for a copy of the service logs.

Sharon L.

We were able to have a tutor replaced by proving that the IEP goals were not being met. If your therapist does not show up you can document that and request make-up time or a substitute therapist. After all the regular ed students get substitute teachers when their teachers don’t show up so if they are not doing this it is discrimination. Document, document, document and make a case. You may have to consider legal action.