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lele: I am being asked to submit to a criminal background check before I can come and observe my child in her Gen Ed classes. I have never heard of this before and certainly have never been asked.
Can the school legally require me to submit to a criminal background check in order to come and observe? There is no such policy in the student handbook.

  1. Lele –

    Schools are getting tighter about background checks for parents. Many states require schools to do a check for anyone who could potentially have unfettered access to students.

    Let me ask, does the school require background checks for everyone who visits the school? If so, it’s likely legal for them to require the check.

    If your state has a law that specifically grants parents the right to classroom observations, you may be able to claim that this limits your right (especially if you have to pay for the check). You may want to contact your state Dept of Education or local parent center for more guidance.

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