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Danielle:  Hi. I recently found out that our CPSE chair, as well as an OT from our school district, observed our daughter in her private pre-school setting. We were never informed and only found out when one of her teacher’s casually mentioned something today, and seemed shocked when I said I had no knowledge of the visit. She had assumed of course I knew and gave permission. We are in NY-does anyone know if this is allowed? Thanks!

  1. Hmm. I suppose they could wriggle out of the consent requirement by calling it an RTI observation. But in that case, they should give you a copy of their RTI records on your child, and they should have invited you to an RTI meeting.

    At the very least, it would be common courtesy for them to at least inform you. You can at least write a polite letter asking them to keep you in the loop in future.

    That’s my personal (untrained in the law) opinion.

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