Negotiating With the School: You Need a Good Game Plan!

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Your Advocacy Game Plan ChecklistAs a parent, you negotiate with the school for services. To be a successful negotiator, you must understand the system and how it works.

You need a good game plan!

Advocacy Game Plan Checklist

Download the Checklist (PDF)

Many parents don’t realize that school systems are bureaucracies. Parents often don’t know how important decisions are made – or by whom.

Find all the steps for gathering information and honing your advocacy skills.

  • Gather & organize information; hone advocacy skills
  • Learn about your rights & responsibilities
  • Get a comprehensive evaluation from a private sector expert
  • Read one book a month
  • Use self-help tools: Wrightslaw Way Blog & Community Helpline
  • Do your homework
  • Research online information and resources

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03/18/2016 1:18 pm

This is a great asset for parents! It provides information & a framework for strengthening their advocacy skills. It is also important that parents understand that schools/districts are bureaucracies. This includes a lot of miscommunication, failure to communicate with in the school, slowness in making decisions, etc. The article on who is too blame for a child’s school difficulties is great. Thanks for putting this blog together. I do wish that the checklist did list parent training & information centers.