Need Your Help! Please Sign Petition to Legalize Dyslexia & Accommodations

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We need your help.

Please join the Yale Center for Dyslexia and Creativity and Wrightslaw by signing this Petition to Congress.

The Petition asks Congress to require testing agencies to provide accommodations for dyslexic students so their high stakes tests assess their abilities, not their disabilities.

More than 18,000 people have signed the Petition. We need another 6,809 supporters. Please join us. It’s time to right this wrong.

  • The law requires high stakes tests to be reliable, valid, and accessible to students with disabilities, including students with dyslexia. When students are denied appropriate accommodations, they are also denied the chance to show what they can achieve. This is wrong.
  • Although dyslexia is a lifelong condition, testing agencies often require students to be retested before granting accommodations. This is wrong.
  • Schools often tell parents that students with dyslexia are not entitled to special education services under the IDEA or accommodations under Section 504. This is wrong.

The Petition

United States Congress

I just signed the following petition addressed to: United States Congress

“Legalize” Dyslexia: Grant Accommodations to Dyslexic Students.

WE, the undersigned urge Legislative Action to “Legalize Dyslexia”

We’re asking that Congress require that testing agencies grant accommodations for dyslexic students so that high stakes tests assess ability and not disability, and students are allowed to go forward and succeed in life. High stakes tests must be reliable, valid and accessible to dyslexic children and adults. Without accommodations, highly capable, intelligent students are being denied the opportunity to show what they can achieve.

We support a much-needed Bill of Rights for Dyslexic Children & Adults, that affirms the following:

-Accommodations required so that high stakes tests assess ability and not disability

-High stakes tests must be reliable, valid and accessible to dyslexic children and adults

-Dyslexia is real: schools must accept the diagnosis of dyslexia

-Dyslexia is a Clinical Diagnosis

-Diagnosis/Identification reflects that it is an unexpected difficulty

-Instruction is evidence-based (proven to be effective)

-Dyslexia is persistent, no need to retest after high school


[Your name]

Our thanks to the Yale Center for Dyslexia and Creativity for sponsoring this Petition.


  1. Very disturbing and sad that we have to sign a petition to get help for so many children that suffer daily to get the help they need!

  2. The time for change is now! I am an adult with dyslexia I have a 12 year old daughter who also has this gift. Yes i said gift please help these kids understand how truly smart they are with the help they need!

  3. Please do the right thing!!! These kids have a lot to give the world. They just need help to shine.

  4. This would be amazing!! Test scores would be raised in every state. I have two children with Dyslexia symptoms but no diagnosis from the school how ever my husband is Dyslexic and there are so many challenges but very high intelligence with Dyslexics!!

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