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Suzie:  After several years of struggling in school and disappointed IEP results, 2 private tutors, and Huntington, I had my 10 year old son privately tested by a speech pathologist and psychologist. Both results diagnosed my son with ADHD and Dyslexia. Both doctors suggested Lindamood-Bell and after a 5 week summer program, he went up 2 reading grade levels, 3 grade levels in comprehension, and has confidence to read out loud. Now, I’m fighting the insurance company to pay. How do I make them understand that Lindamood-Bell’s cognitive instruction was the only thing that worked. The costs are breaking us!!

  1. Good morning I need help I have a 13 year old daughter that needs tutoring and I can’t afford it she has ADHD, mood disorder, dyslexia, emotional disturbing anxiety and depression she has an IEP and is in a therapeutic School she’s reading at a third or fourth grade reading level she’s processing issues as well tried to call my insurance to see if they could help they can’t

  2. This just made me so happy to hear that the LindaMood Bell program is working for you! My son was diagnosed ADHD in kindergarten. We now believe he has dyslexia as well. He is 7 and was just held back for 1st grade. We have been fighting to get his 504 switched to an IEP and we were finally successful. However we lost a LOT of time in the process. The private testing was very expensive and not covered.
    We just got an ESE instructor to start the LindaMood bell with my son. He is getting 5 hrs a week during the school days. I’m very concerned he will not make enough progress to catch up to a 1st grade reading level by the end of the year. He is at an A level for around 2 years.
    We are dumbfounded that education therapy is not deemed necessary and covered.

  3. Your school should be paying for this tutoring not you. You have basically proved that the school could not teach your son and that an outside facility did. Do you have your son on an IEP. He may qualify for an IEP based on the dyslexia. I don’t have enough information from you to give you much more than this. We had an outside tutor that the school paid for because they could not offer the reading program that worked for him He also progressed when he started working with her. The school paid here $75.00 per hour, 5 hours per week for 5 years including ESY (extended school year). 2004-2009. We were able to accomplish that because we proved they were not providing our son FAPE and did not have a program that worked.

    • My daughter has dyslexia and we are paying $1200 a month for a special tutor program she just started in July and will need for more months. How did you prove that the school was unable to help your son? Who did you contact? How long was your son placed on an IEP? Our daughter was just put on an IEP on May and will be entering second grade, her fist IEP was done begining of Kinder so she was said to be fine. So she lost that year and the following from receiving extra help.

      • Good afternoon,
        I was curious if you were able to figure anything out regarding your daughter’s dyslexia services. We are possibly about to cross the very same bridge with our son that you have with your daughter.
        Thank you, have a great day.

        • Hello,
          I am a special ed teacher and worked at Lindamood bell. Some schools will pay for a tutor yes cone to the school if you hire a lawyer and prove that the school is not helping him. You can also hire someone like me to tutor your child for a more reasonable cost than what they charge at the center.

          • We are in Florida , may you work with my son via zoom eventually?

  4. Suzie –

    I honestly don’t know that any insurance company would cover something like Lindamood-Bell.

    I suggest that you contact your local Family to Family Health Information Center (http://www.fv-ncfpp.org/f2fhic/find-a-f2f-hic/). They’re great about answering health insurance questions for kids with special care needs, and may also know about additional funding opportunities.

    You can also try local chapters of learning disability organizations, who may be able to point you to non-insurance resources (see here: http://www.yellowpagesforkids.com/).

    • If the student is under the care of a Dr. and the Dr. recommends tutoring. You can receive a tax benefit if the cost of services meets the 10% thresh hold. You can also put money into a Flexible Spending account and not pay for $2,500 per individual or $5,000 per couple. A small savings.
      That being said, the students I work with need specific and specialized instruction due to their disability which has a medical diagnosis and therefore should be covered by medical insurance. I think it IS an insurance issue. BUT I also think it is an education issue and money needs to be set aside somewhere to help these students receive the services they need outside of the classroom. Anyone want to write a letter to Betsy DeVos?

      • Lol. Why would you want to write Betsy DeVos? She wants to privatize education. The last thing she will do is give more money to public education.

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