Learn How to Write a Parent Agenda

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Parent Rights & Responsibilities in the IEP Process

Identifying Problems, Clarifying Issues
Assignment #1: Write a Parent Agenda

Directions: Type your Parent Agenda in the message box below – then submit.

A Parent Agenda is a powerful tool that will tell your child’s story. The IEP Team can step into your child’s shoes and see the world through his eyes. Use the agenda to frame problems and develop solutions for your child.


  • Begin with “good news” not complaints.
  • Emphasize your shared responsibility with educators.
  • Use some of your child’s words.
  • Identify problems, express your concerns, make your requests, and offer solutions for your child.
  • Use facts to support each request.
  • Do not overtly blame or criticize the school.
  • Offer your support and appreciation for efforts made on behalf of your child.

If you need more review, turn to Chapter 25, Wrightslaw: From Emotions to Advocacy, 2nd Edition, p. 261.

Download the Sample Parent Agenda.

Assignment #1. Directions: Type your parent agenda in the box below - then submit.

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  1. Parents desire what’s best for their children, looking for the appropriate parenting style that caters to their needs the most.
    Most parents already become aware of their children’s condition at over 1.5 years old.Although this might make the responsibility more intimidating, it can also make it as plain sailing as possible. An early awareness gives parents enough room to adjust themselves and become more comfortable and acquainted with their circumstances. This gives them ample opportunity to discover an appropriate parenting style that allows them to aid their children’s growth effectively. The earlier they recognize their children’s needs, the earlier they can seek assistance regarding how they can provide.

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