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Abby:  Today I heard a story of a young man 14 years old who has many mental issues, it was explained to me he is mentally 3, yet he is a very large 14 year old. I was told the mother and father keep him locked inside the house for his own protection. They bolted a picnic table to the floor because he has broken regular tables, no doors on the cabinets, he breaks them off. I was told if the child wants mother’s attention he’ll hit her. Father is verbally abusive to mother, threatening her, recently took air out of her car tires to keep her from leaving.

The child does not attend school at all he spends every day with his mother at home. I am at a loss as to what to do. Both parents and child need help. What should I do? Report them? What agency?

I am afraid to get involved. I only have 2nd hand knowledge. Yet I believe my co-worker when she tells me the mother refused to get outside help for her son because she is fearful that her son will be physically HURT by outside helpers or schools. What should I do?

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10/20/2016 1:26 pm

You should call your local child protective services so that they can assess the situation. If the family needs support and services, that is their best chance. If that child is being abused in anyway, they will help. If you don’t know the number, you call call you local law enforcement and they’ll give it to you.