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Nancy:  My son has multiple disabilities. I am in disagreement with the IEE where the school tester gave my son The Woodcock Johnson IV. Protocol was broken to provide certain accommodations. However, one vital accommodation is not noted on the test. Is it possible for me to: 1- get the publisher’s requirements for protocol + 2- find out to what extent protocol can be broken before the test is considered invalid?

  1. Any deviations from the standardized directions/ administration make the test invalid and scores should not be reported. Qualitative information could be reported.

  2. Yes you can do that. You can also not sign any forms agreeing with this testing either. YOu may opt to get an outside evaluation at the school’s expense. YOu need to put in writing that you disagree with the testing & that you would like to have an outside evaluation done at the school’s expense. The school should give you a list of places you can have this testing done but you do NOT have to go to any of these. You may choose your own tester that you feel comfortable with. This way you will have test results you feel more confident with. The school just acknowledge the outside testing but are not legally obligated to agree with them although I have never had this happen when I have done this & have done this many times. It actually has been more beneficial than not.

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