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Randi:  My child is outplaced and will be 15 in March. he had a triennial review 3 years ago and always has an annual review in May. There is nothing earth shattering going on, so myself and the school he is outplaced to would like to wait until his annual review to have a PPT. My home school district is saying NO, since he had a triennial 3 years ago in February, then he needs to have it this month. There is no question on his continuing special education eligibility. The winter has been filled with snow days, and since there is nothing new going on, we would prefer to have it in May.
home district says CT says we must have it now, but nothing is in the statutes that i can see stating it must be done now.

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02/21/2017 12:52 pm

Section 300.305(a) of the IDEA rules allow the district to do a review of existing evaluation data (REED) to “identify what additional data, if any, are needed to determine”, if the student is still eligible for services.