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Valerie: The WCPSS choose to ignore the IEP the first week my son was in school.
By the 2nd week central office told the school to implement the Cardinal Charter IEP. By the end of the 2nd week they had restrained my child, suffocating him for 15 minutes straight.
The third week he was restrained again. Restraint was not in his IEP at the time. We asked for a 1 on 1 aide for our child at which time the school system hired a man who used to work for the Juvenile detention center to be our sons aide. He was alone in a kitchen area for 2 hrs where he was found by the principle with his pants down, shoes off and shirt over his head.

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05/03/2016 8:55 am

On May 7 2016 it will be one year. These animals will get away with what they did to this child. You could not have better documentation then what I have and the system does not care. Human beings do not care. These children are being treated so unjustly.

01/04/2016 5:30 pm

This is an emergency. I don’t know the correct answer, but if I were you, I would call the police and read them your last sentence. Also go to your district administration office and start at the top. Work your way down until you find someone who will listen, and take action. And call your State Ed department. In all cases, start with the sentence about the two hours and the pants situation.
Hopefully someone more experienced will have more specific suggestions.

12/30/2015 4:36 pm

I’m going to play devil’s advocate so don’t take offense. You say “restraint was not in his IEP at the time.” Is restraint in his IEP now? Has restraint ever been in his IEP? What evidence do you have that school staff restrained your child and “suffocated him for 15 minutes straight.” Who did this? What evidence do you have that he was “alone in the kitchen area for 2 hrs where he was found with pants down, shoes off, shirt over head”?

05/03/2016 8:49 am
Reply to  Wrightslaw

It’s all in writing. They put it all in writing. I documented it though email with the school. I would not let them have phone conversations. Everything had to be through email.

12/30/2015 4:36 pm

Valerie, have you been documenting these events and problems in writing at the time they happened? The key to getting people with power to listen and believe what you allege is writing things down when they happen. Not a month or two later. If you don’t, your allegations are not supported by evidence.