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Cheryl:  How do we extend an IEP for a student whose parent has not signed a consent form for a three-year reevaluation in a timely fashion. We sent the consent out to parent in time for testing to be done. Parent returns it 4 weeks later, and now the IEP is about to expire. We need another 45 days for testing to be completed. What’s the way to handle this? Is there a rule or form about this?

  1. I want to say this for all parents, I’m an advocate and I spent 51 of 52 years in public education providing education for special needs students. My advocate is to seek out an advocate to attend all meetings with the district. I’m 80 years of age and I still “look out for needs of special needs students”. There are trained advocates, some will charge, but there are individuals like me who will note charge one penny because for me and others “giving back is the right thing to do for the right reasons, which is to protect the special needs students journey toward his/her American Dream. Create a parent group and that increases their empowerment. Just remember district best not seek retaliation/revenge. OCR won’t accept any district doing that.

  2. My child’s 3 year review is due 3/2/2023 – however the special needs evaluations scheduled 5/2022 will not be completed until Summer 2023 – how do I request an extension of 3 yr review

    • Hi Elaine C – I’m confused. The school staff knew they need to reevaluate your child no later than 3/2/23. Why would you request that your child’s evaluations be postponed for several more months?

      When you meet with school staff to develop an IEP for the next school year, how will you know if your child has made satisfactory progress? What if he isn’t and the current program is not working?

  3. Cheryl, I’m afraid I don’t know the technical answer to this question, but I would say, please don’t hesitate to reach out to a parent center in your state, or to your state education agency, with questions like this.

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