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LeLe: Just had a revision to an Annual ARD and the campus is proposing to add two goals to three different subjects. Two personnel from the District decided it would be best to add the two new goals to the existing goals without any percentages and/or benchmarks/objectives. These two individuals have never attended or been a part of the ARD before. I totally disagree with outsiders not only proposing new goals but helping to write them as well. As a parent, I am a part of the ARD that makes decisions on behalf of my child. I was not included in any of the above decisions and feel blindsided. At the Annual ARD, time was spent developing these goals and there was no issue. I met with all the teachers and none of the teachers expressed goal was inappropriate and couldn’t be met. I am in disagreement with proposed goals as six months have now passed by. Insufficient data collection does not provide accurate reflection that is not obtainable as it is written. The campus proposed to take a ten day waiting period in order to collect baseline data. I also am contesting the STAAR ALT this year. Although my child has taken it the last three years, it doesn’t reflect how she is progressing towards her academic/IEP goals. Report cards as well as IEP report cards shows my child can take the regular STAAR her peers take. The ten day waiting period is approaching fast and I don’t know what to do from here. I am told if I don’t sign and/or agree, either two of the events will occur: 1. The ARDC will implement what they see fit and 2. I can file with TEA and go from there. I don’t want to do the latter so any advice and/or suggestions right now will help immensely!

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03/02/2017 1:19 pm

I work for the TX parent training & information project, You can contact me at: What they have told you is correct, but we can discuss your options, & the STAAR Alt.